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Your personal health profile is obtained through the use of a comprehensive, personalized questionnaire that will identify your past health history, give us a picture of your current state of health and identify current and/or recurring health concerns. This information will enable us to provide you with a dietary supplement program designed for your specific needs. This in-depth health appraisal requires approximately 15 minutes to complete.

To minimize the time requirements, we have designed a basic questionnaire that will help us identify your specific areas of concern and enable us to develop an in-depth personalized health questionnaire. This basic questionnaire will include general questions about your current personal medical status, past health concerns and lifestyle questions regarding diet, exercise, smoking, drinking and stress patterns. After completing the basic questionnaire, your results will be analyzed and an in-depth health appraisal questionnaire will be created just for you.  This basic questionnaire requires only 3 to 5 minutes to complete.

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